To Do

592. Learn enough about cars to confidently buy a used one and change my own oil

Updated July 18, 2010 I’m marking this one as a ‘work in progress’ because I have actually started learning. Around April of 2008, I took a class called ‘Car Care for Women’ taught by a Karen Valenti, a woman who owns and runs North Hollywood Discount Auto Service. If you’re in the neighborhood and your […]

586. Take a self-defense course

Updated August 17, 2009 Mostly I just want the boost in confidence that comes from knowing I can take care of myself in many different situations.

182. Plan a picnic for one

Updated October 4, 2009 Some people don’t like doing things on their own. They’d never go to a movie or out to lunch or dinner, or sometimes even shopping without a companion. I’ve never understood that point of view – I really enjoy my own company and have no problems doing anything on my own. […]

165. Plan an entire solo weekend

Updated March 7, 2010 I’ve spent many weekends on my own, but it was always just circumstances, and not because I had made plans for a weekend of fun and relaxing activities for just myself. I’d like to take a little day trip, maybe go to a museum, eat some yummy food, have some spa […]

65. Travel alone

Updated March 7, 2010 Some people don’t like to do anything alone. If there aren’t any friends or family alone, they won’t go out to eat or go to a movie or even shopping. I’ve never been that kind of person. I enjoy my own company – I have no problem going out to a […]