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475. Spend one New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Updated June 13, 2009 Let’s face it – it’s just not New Year’s Eve unless you watch the big ball drop in Times Square. I’ve been watching since I was a little girl. I know it’s crazy and insane and packed and crowded, but just once, I’d like to be there to see it in […]

474. Make a thermos full of margaritas and watch fireworks

Updated September 6, 2009 Ideally, this might happen on Independence Day, but since I do live in Southern California, there’s really no reason I can’t drink a thermos full of margaritas and watch fireworks on New Years’ Eve. This is such a simple thing, and it’d be so much fun, I can’t believe I keep […]

455. Have a tree full of meaningful Christmas ornaments

Added to my list during my first home-sick Christmas season away from my family, I’ve since stopped celebrating Christmas, so this has been moved to the ‘Nevermind’ list.

441. Send unsigned Valentines to co-workers

Updated November 15, 2009 I think it would just be fun to go into work on Valentine’s Day after delivering mystery Valentines to everyone’s desks and offices in the middle of the night and see what happened. Would it become a great mystery that everyone would try to solve? Or would they just shrug and […]

370. Have all of my Christmas presents wrapped

I love presenting gorgeously wrapped gifts.

337. Proclaim a holiday

Updated December 21, 2009 You might think that this sounds pompous or ridiculous or that I’m over-stretching it a bit. But somebody had to proclaim Christmas was December 25th. And Halloween as October 31st. And Flag Day as June 14th. And Waffle Day as March 25th. The next big holiday might as well be declared […]

332. Write a personal note in every Christmas card

I no longer include the sending of Christmas cards in my pared-down Christmas celebration.

279. Play Santa for a needy family at Christmas

This would be a great way to spend my Christmas money – rather than give gifts to family and friends who already have more than they need, help a family in need.

266. Work at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving

Updated June 1, 2009 There have been times in my life when I’ve been very poor – not ever to the point that I couldn’t feed myself. Even if I couldn’t necessarily afford a lot of food or luxury food items, I’ve always been able to scrounge up something for dinner. I can’t imagine how […]

249. Go Christmas caroling

A group of friends and I went caroling door to door near Christmas time during our senior year of high school.

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