To Do

339. Mend a broken heart

Completed I’m not really sure when Is there any worse feeling in the world than a broken heart? I get an awful ache in the middle of my chest, and if it goes on, then I feel nauseated and tired. I tend to do everything over the top because I have this philosophy that if […]

229. Nurse a sick bird back to health

Completed July 2009 A sick little pigeon showed up on our doorstep one day. We gave him bread and water and he seemed to recover and we were ready to send him on his merry way. Except he wasn’t ready to go on his merry way. He hung around for days.  We finally thought that […]

195. Witness a miracle

Completed over and over again. I held my tiny little newphew in my arms minutes after he was born. I saw a gigantic rainbow stretching across the state of Nebraska, touching the horizon at both ends. A good friend’s sister was in a car accident, fell down a flight of stairs, and was struck by […]

63. Drink the healing waters on Margaret Island in Budapest

Updated May 16, 2010 There aren’t many places on this planet that I wouldn’t like to travel to. I definitely have a wandering foot that gets itchy from time to time. There’s nothing for discovering more about yourself than to put yourself in an entirely new place with an entirely different culture. All your comforts […]

28. Take yoga classes

Completed June 2004 I was going through a weird transitional time of my life when I first stumbled into yoga. You know what I’m talking about. One of those times when you’re not who you were, but not yet who you’ll become. I was in the midst of change and wasn’t really sure where it […]