To Do

561. Lobby for more women on U.S. currency

It’s an important recognition of what women have contributed to the United States.

554. Shake hands with the President of the United States

Updated August 23, 2009 Sometimes shaking hands with the President is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time – being at a rally or a convention where he or she is campaigning. Other times, it’s an honor and a priviledge – you’ve done something wonderful or heroic or generous […]

452. Live long enough to get a birthday greeting from the President

Updated June 13, 2009 I don’t know exactly how old you have to be before the President takes time out of his busy day to wish you a happy birthday, but I intend to find out. Suffice it to say, I’m not quite there yet.

427. Watch a session of Congress from the visitor’s gallery

Updated August 23, 2009 When CSPAN was new, I turned it on one day out of curiosity, intending to use it as background noise while I studied for a biology exam. Somehow, though I suppose it should have been deathly boring, I was drawn in, fascinated by this process by which we make laws in […]

416. Memorize all the Presidents of the United States

Updated June 13, 2009 It’s easy enough to memorize a few key people – the 1st president was George Washington, the 16th was Abraham Lincoln… But it gets a bit murky. I think maybe I’ll learn not just the names, but a bit of biography about each one.

396. Serve on a jury

Attempted May 2009 I was called for jury duty in May 2009. I dutifully reported to the court house at 7am and settled in to the jury assembly room, waiting to be called for a trial. But it was not my day to complete this one. The computer system was down, and could not be […]

361. Testify before Congress

Updated September 27, 2009 I wonder what it will be that I’ll be either so passionate about or so knowledgeable about that I’ll earn the privilege of testifying about it before Congress. And I wonder what the circumstances will be…will they be doing some research before passing a new bill into law? Will they be […]

335. Address the UN

Updated November 18, 2009 I can only imagine what sorts of topics that call for individuals to address the UN – topics of great importance, of great consequence, of international significance. At least I hope those are the sorts of things that keeps the UN busy.

273. Be invited to the White House

Searching for answers on how one goes about getting invited to the White House reveals some pretty humorous takes on it. But in the end, you just have to do something for your country, I think.

127. Memorize the Gettysburg Address

I memorized the opening paragraph in elementary school. I’d like to know the entire thing – it was an important speech.

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