To Do

516. Grow a garden of wild flowers

Updated January 5, 2010 If only I can figure out how to beat my own black thumb – maybe I’ll be able to get this one done. Although, theoretically, wild flowers would be hearty and easy to grow – else how would they have survived in the wild all this time? Maybe wild flowers will […]

442. Plant an indoor herb garden

Completed January 2004 and October 2004 Okay, so my to do list says plant an indoor herb garden. It doesn’t say “Grow an indoor herb garden” or “Have an indoor herb garden that flourishes.” I blame my black thumb. First, I tried to plant the herbs from seeds. Most of them at least started growing. […]

14. Have a garden. Grow vegetables, herbs and flowers

I’ve never had much luck with plants – they seem to die just from me looking at them, but I want to learn.