To Do

449. Shoot craps

Attempted sometime during 1996 or so I don’t understand craps. I love roulette, but I don’t get craps. I’d love to learn. On a trip to Laughlin with my dear friend Jamie during college, we tried to get two bored-looking craps dealers to teach us the game. They weren’t really into it, and we lost […]

333. Put $20 in the slots

Completed February 2008 I’m pretty sure I added this item to my list while I was in college, and playing quarter slots seemed like an extravagance I could hardly afford. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and several times a year, I would travel to Las Vegas or Laughlin to gamble for […]

309. Place a bet with a bookie

A different way to gamble.

41. Fill an oversized bank with change and use the money for a gambling trip

Updated December 1, 2009 I used to work with a man named Donald. He and I held this opinion that change wasn’t “real” money. When you look in your wallet or purse to see how much money you have, you don’t count the change. It just sits there in the bottom and multiplies until you’re […]