To Do

470. Leave lots of snacks for the baby sitter

Updated June 27, 2009 It seems kind of surprising to me now, but when I was 12 years old, I started a little babysitting business. I got some regular jobs and used the money I earned as spending money to go to school dances and buy lots more clothes and makeup than my parents thought […]

465. Gather my favorite recipes into a cookbook

I’m saving my ‘greatest hits’ recipes in an album and illustrating each recipe with a little colored pencil drawing.

456. Send steaks and/or lobsters to someone

Updated June 20, 2010 Yes, I suppose I am talking about Omaha Steaks or Lobstergram. So what? How fun would it be to open your door to some delicious juicy steaks or fresh lobster? That’s a lot more fun than the usual gift. I’ve never received steaks or lobster, but I did get Maryland Crab […]

454. Buy a subscription to a “something-of-the-month” club

If I’m going to go to the trouble and expense, it’s going to be something I love – chocolate, cheese, bread, or tea.

431. Deliver a home-cooked meal to a sick friend

Tangerine and I prepared a feast for a friend who had just had a baby and needed some help getting some real home-cooked meals on the table.

424. Create my own love potion #9

Is a love potion something to drink or a perfume?

352. Drink the milk from a coconut with a straw

Updated July 20, 2009 There are plenty of places around Los Angeles where you can order a young coconut with a straw to drink the milk, and I could just go and do this at lunchtime today. But this seems like something I’d rather do while wandering around the beaches of Hawaii or some other […]

316. Organize a potluck supper

Updated January 2010 Okay, seriously, how can this not have been done? And what’s more fun than a potluck supper? You never know what you’re going to get and so often friends surprise you with their wonderful signature dishes. And there’s always way too much food, so everyone gets to take home leftovers. It’s a […]

315. Wine and dine someone who deserves it

Updated January 10, 2010 I can’t really say for sure that I haven’t completed this one – I’ve wined and dined people, and why on earth would I have done so if they didn’t deserve it? But I can’t recall a time that I purposefully took someone out for a night on the town as […]

301. Learn to carve a turkey like a chef

Updated June 1, 2009 I’ve learned to cook a really tasty bird, but pretty much I just hack away at it to get pieces to serve and make a right mess of things. I’d like to learn how to do it properly and present beautifully trimmed slices to my guests.

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