To Do

581. Eat a ripe mango

Completed August 2005 I had an ongoing flirtation with him but nothing had ever come of it. One day my phone rang – it was him. He said he had something for me, and could he come over right now to give it to me? Sure, I said. Five minutes later, there was a knock […]

572. Have chocolate con churros in Barcelona

A sweet breakfast to be sure, but one I’d definitely like to try.

569. Have an ice cream flavor named after me

Updated May 4, 2009 Yes, I would like to be as famous as Cherry Garcia or Phish Phood or One Sweet Whirled. I think it should be the ultimate vanilla ice cream – Mexican vanilla beans, with bits of rich vanilla shortbread and maybe creamy white chocolate chips.

556. Take a Jell-O bath

Updated February 7, 2010 I suppose when I added this to the list I just thought it would be fun to sit in a pile of the wiggly smushy stuff and pretend to take a bath. It still might be kind of fun if I could come up with a way for the bath to […]

552. Cook dinner in the fireplace

Updated July 20, 2009 Before you can cook dinner in the fireplace, you need to either live in a house that has a fireplace or else you need to have a good soft-hearted friend who has a fireplace and is willing to let you pull of such an experiment in their home. I’ve lived in […]

534. Surprise someone with Swedish fish

Gummy, chewy, red little fish. I don’t know anyone who’s tried them who didn’t love them.

526. Leave a present for the postal carrier in the mailbox

It’s always good to leave a gift to thank someone for a job well-done.

507. Eat real key lime pie in the Keys

Updated September 6, 2009 Once, after taking in a movie with girlfriends, we stopped in a coffee shop for a cup of tea and slice of pie. I had the worst luck with the pie that night. First, I tried ordering a slice of cherry. When the waitress returned with pie slices for the other […]

488. Sell Girl Scout cookies

Updated June 22, 2009 I suppose that as an American girl, you get two chances to sell Girl Scout cookies. Once when you are Girl Scout age, and once again when your own daughters are Girl Scout age. I never was a Girl Scout. Not that I didn’t want to be, but I wasn’t allowed. […]

476. Eat a one-pound box of Godiva in one sitting, guilt-free

I tried, but I could only eat half of it, even though I was really hungry.

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