To Do

178. Interview grandparents about their childhoods

Attempted half-heartedly a few times I did talk to my grandparents about their childhoods – but only a few times and we didn’t go into depth and detail. I loved to sit with my grandma and look through her photo albums while she told me the stories behind the photos. I feel kind of bad […]

123. Watch a baby being born

Attempted May 15, 2000 My sister got pregnant and she asked me to be her “backup” coach. I went to the classes with her and her boyfriend and learned all about labor and birth and breathing exercises. I bought her copious amounts of eggnog milkshakes from McDonald’s. All in all, it was a whole lot […]

91. Make a time capsule with magazines, CDs, photographs, letters and T-shirts, etc

Updated July 20, 2009 I think the perfect time to do something like this would be right around the time I get pregnant. I could spend the whole nine months collecting up anything relevant and then close it up and seal it away to be opened later – maybe when my son or daughter turns […]

78. Interview friends and family with a video camera

Updated December 14, 2009 When I was little, it was a big deal to have a video camera. They were big and bulky, you had to mess around with crazy little tapes, and I don’t think they even had batteries – I think you were tethered to the nearest outlet. Now, most cell phones and […]

50. Have my ancestor’s names engraved on the plaque at Ellis Island

Updated February 8, 2009 I visited Ellis Island with my mom and sister in November of 2008. We were able to find my great-great-grandmother’s passenger manifest along with her answers to the little survey they gave every immigrant. I’ll have to investigate what’s involved in having her name engraved there.

19. Have two children

I might get the twins I’ve always wanted to have and I might not. I still want to have two.

17. Research my family’s history

Updated June 27, 2009 I don’t know that this will ever be a project that I make the necessary commitment to. Every couple years, I dig out my research and do a little more work on it. The more time that slips by, though, the harder it is to dig up the information. People pass […]

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