To Do

368. See Stonehenge

Updated August 3, 2009 I guess that because of vandalism, Stonehenge is no longer open for visitors to walk among the stones, which is sad. It’s sad that a few baddies have managed to ruin it for everyone. There are a lot of theories about stonehenge – why it was built, what it was used […]

364. See the Loch Ness monster

Updated April 19, 2009 There are many mysteries on this planet – things we may never really know or understand and Nessie is one of them. I’d like to think I could solve at least one of this world’s mysteries.

290. Pay respects on the beaches of Normandy

Updated September 6, 2009 I have the utmost respect for soldiers, even if I rarely agree that war is the correct course of action. The soldiers themselves don’t make the war – they lay down their lives and fight in on someone else’s behalf. I’m always one to root for the underdog, and if there […]

217. Bicycle through Amsterdam

I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam – it seems that riding around the city on a bike is the best way to see the sights.

107. Stay at a parador in Spain

It’s a great chance to stay in a beautiful and historic place.

2. Spend some time traveling around Europe.

Updated September 18, 2009 I’m not sure why young people feel like they’re in such a hurry to live their lives – I remember feeling like I had to hurry up and get everything done. Hurry up and finish college, hurry up and get married, hurry up and find a career. Now I look back […]

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