To Do

270. Adopt a highway or a beach

Pay to care for an stretch of highway or beach for everyone to enjoy.

264. Donate something anonymously to a needy cause

Updated December 21, 2009 I know that I’ve been on the fundraising side of things more than once when a secret or surprise donation would have pushed us to our goals and allowed us to accomplish something we’d otherwise have missed out on. I know that there’s a lot of concern around non-profit organizations – […]

180. Train a seeing-eye dog

Updated May 31, 2010 Service animals make me smile. When I see them helping someone on the street or on the bus, I just want to give them a big hug and thank them for their contribution. Of course, they’d never understand that, and I’d be interrupting them while they worked, so I restrain myself. […]

119. Teach someone to read

Attempted January 2002 In an effort to fulfill this goal, I contacted my local literacy council and told them I wanted to volunteer. The program coordinator told me that they didn’t really need any literacy tutors at the time, but that they were desperately short on English as a Second Language tutors. She said that […]

99. Volunteer at a National Park

Updated May 11, 2009 I have tremendous respect for our National Parks and National Monuments. Future generations will be so glad that we saved some of the most beautiful and amazing wilderness areas for them to enjoy. The huge amount of visitors and infrastructure is overwhelming and expensive. I’d like to spend a summer volunteering […]

56. Donate books

Completed January 2002 Squirrel and I ran a book drive to benefit Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Oh, we put so much work into it. We made flyers. We put collection boxes at three different locations. We compiled a suggested shopping list of bestsellers, classics, and Newberry and Caldecot medal winners. In the end, we collected […]

55. Clean out closets annually, make donation to Good Will

How do things pile up so quickly? It’s nice to clean things out once in awhile.

31. Organize a food drive for the needy

Completed December 2001 It was the holiday season. Each year, someone in my department stepped up to the plate to organize some sort of charitable event in which we all participated. 2001 was my year. Squirrel and I organized what had become known as the annual Holiday Project. We contacted the local food bank and […]

25. Donate an organ

Updated December 11, 2009 I sometimes refer to this list as my ‘list of things to do before I die’. This is one of very few items on the list that I might have to wait until after I die to check off. There aren’t very many organs you can donate while still alive. A […]

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