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573. Ballroom dance at the Rainbow Room

Neverminded on July 18, 2010 Even though there have been campaigns to have the Rainbow Room granted historic landmark status, which would save it from being repurposed as office space, it hasn’t yet been granted this status, and is in danger. Either way, the Rainbow Room closed for business in 2009. The last time the […]

533. Admire Red Square at midnight

Updated June 22, 2009 Cities all have their own personalities and appearances, but I don’t think anyone can argue that just about any city is at its most beautiful at night. Dingy buildings and cracked sidewalks fade and soft lights illuminate plants and buildings in a gentle glow. Browse through these pictures and tell me […]

493. Throw a masked ball

Updated August 3, 2009 I’ve never known of anyone to actually throw a masked ball in real life. I’ve only seen it on television shows and in movies. But it looks like a tremendous amount of fun. Mostly I just want an excuse to wear an outrageous outfit and carry around an elaborate mask on […]

360. Learn to Mambo

Updated September 24, 2009 I love dancing – I’m not terribly good at it, but I’d love to know how to do the Mambo. Mostly just because I love that Mambo Italiano song. It makes me want to dance, dance, dance.

336. Slow dance on the porch in the dark

Updated January 17, 2011 Is there anything more romantic than spontaneous slow-dancing? Especially on the porch on a warm evening? Of course, first you need a porch. Unless you think a balcony overlooking a parking lot counts.

298. Dance until dawn

Completed May 1992 I used to love dancing in high school. I’d go to the high school dances and dance every dance until they were turning on the lights and playing Stairway to Heaven. I danced until dawn the night of the senior prom. First, we got all dressed up and danced the night away […]

223. Watch a professional belly dance

Completed September 2008 I grew up in a sort of ambiguously religious household. We were pretty devout Catholics when I was born up until my parents divorced when I was six. I remember going to Mass every Sunday, and spending time in Sunday school, and even looking at the uniforms and nearly attending Catholic school […]

188. Dance with glee

Completed many times over. I think that I’m a naturally enthusiastic person. It’s not at all uncommon to see me jumping up and down, or squealing, or dancing with glee. It’s how I express myself. I did a glee dance when I got my passport in the mail. I was so excited by the prospect […]

174. Go line-dancing

It was so popular once upon a time, but now I don’t even think anybody does it any more.

162. Mosh

A trend that came and went. It’s over now.

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