To Do

303. Get past twenty pushups

I tried the 100 pushup challenge but only made it to about 40 pushups. Forty is still good enough!

275. Be able to do a one-armed pushup

Updated August 10, 2009 I think that I could perhaps use the 100 pushups program to work my way up from being able to do around 20 girlie pushups to being able to do a full one-armed pushup. I think I can do it. I just have to find a good time to get started.

216. Restore an old house

Newer things are faster and cheaper, but lower quality. I want to restore a formerly beautiful house to grandeur.

215. Make a perfect soufflé (preferable chocolate)

Updated February 8, 2009 I’ve never even attempted to make a soufflé of any kind. I did try a wonderful recipe for chocolaté souffle cookies – they were divine. Now I just have to apply those same skills to making a real soufflé.

193. Achieve washboard abs

Updated February 7, 2010 Some of these items I lose track of. I don’t keep track of the dates I originally added items to the list, and I didn’t even keep them in order. But I think it goes without saying that this idealistic little gem was added to the list during high school when […]

163. Watch Cartoon Network for 24 hours

Updated April 4, 2010 I used to really, really love cartoons. I looked forward to camping out in front of the television each Saturday morning for hours. Even as an adult I frequently stumble across cartoons that I love – Animaniacs, then PowerPuff Girls. There’s some really cute and clever stuff done in cartoons. So […]

105. Hike the Appalachian Trail

Updated January 2, 2011 Maybe I’ll do this after I’m retired. It’s probably just the pace of my life, but there’s something really appealing about spending a couple of weeks in the wilderness, unplugged and enjoying the trees.

102. Learn to say the alphabet backwards

Okay, it’s nerdy and useless, but it is good for your brain to think in new ways and learn new things.

83. Make homemade bread (without a bread machine!)

Updated October 4, 2009 When I think of making homemade bread, I think of my grandmother making a day of it, and spending hours stirring, kneading, waiting, kneading, again, waiting again, baking and cooling. But there is a recipe for no-knead bread that has been making the rounds on some cooking and food blogs. I […]

74. Finish a marathon

Updated August 11, 2009 Notice that I didn’t say ‘run a marathon’ – just ‘finish’. There are plenty of people who walk marathons. A few months back, I did the C25K program. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s “Couch to 5K” as in couch potato to running a 5K in 12 weeks. Yes, I […]

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