To Do

549. Rappel

Fear of heights + being clumsy = bad idea to try rappelling.

492. Construct a crossword puzzle and submit it to a newspaper

Updated March 21, 2010 I’m not a big fan of crossword puzzles, so I’m not sure what I was thinking when I thought of creating one of my own to submit to a newspaper. I know that literally thousands of different crossword puzzles are published everyday, but that just amazes me because it must take […]

487. Re-take the SAT’s

Neverminded February 13, 2010 Teachers and guidance counselors nearly talked themselves hoarse telling us over and over that if we were serious about getting into college we needed to plan on taking the SATs at least twice and had to apply to at least five different colleges to be sure we’d get accepted at least […]

476. Eat a one-pound box of Godiva in one sitting, guilt-free

I tried, but I could only eat half of it, even though I was really hungry.

448. Enlighten a racist or a homophobe

Updated January 30, 2011 I know it seems like an oxymoron or something, but I hate hate. Mostly, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand the entire idea of taking a group of people who share a skin color, sexual preference, or religion and putting them all in a little box and saying, “You’re […]

447. Walk a marathon with a disabled entrant

Updated January 31, 2010 I have great admiration for people who face and overcome obstacles in their lives. What better way to truly appreciate their moxie than to spend a few hours with them while they surely kick my ass. It’s also a great opportunity to collect another story – I adore listening to people’s […]

442. Plant an indoor herb garden

Completed January 2004 and October 2004 Okay, so my to do list says plant an indoor herb garden. It doesn’t say “Grow an indoor herb garden” or “Have an indoor herb garden that flourishes.” I blame my black thumb. First, I tried to plant the herbs from seeds. Most of them at least started growing. […]

373. Walk on stilts

I don’t want to try and be 10 feet tall or anything – just a little higher off the ground than usual.

369. Hit the bell at a carnival

Updated September 7, 2009 I wonder how hard you really have to hit that lever to make the bell ring. I guess I’ll have to find out first hand. I hope I don’t hurt myself – I do tend to be so clumsy.

347. Climb the cone of a volcano

Updated June 8, 2009 If I’m going to climb the cone of  a volcano, I’d like it to be a volcano in a really exotic and beautiful place. Nicaragua has some volcanoes ideal for climbing, but I’m a little nervous about visiting politically unstable countries. There are some intriguing reports from people who’ve climbed Pacaya […]

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