To Do

592. Learn enough about cars to confidently buy a used one and change my own oil

Updated July 18, 2010 I’m marking this one as a ‘work in progress’ because I have actually started learning. Around April of 2008, I took a class called ‘Car Care for Women’ taught by a Karen Valenti, a woman who owns and runs North Hollywood Discount Auto Service. If you’re in the neighborhood and your […]

505. Get a vanity license plate

Updated May 4, 2009 Secretly, the license plate on my car right now *is* a vanity license plate, even though it just looks like an ordinary one. It has the letters ‘BBE’ which a friend and I decided stood for Blonde Bombshell Express. I went to the DMV’s web site, all set to buy ‘WEBGIRL’ […]

385. Service my own car

Completed April 2008 I think it’s sexy when a woman knows enough about her own car to take care of it properly. I went and took a car care for women class and we learned all about routine maintenance for cars, and how to check our brakes and fluids, along with how often different maintenance […]

260. Buy a car with cash

Attempted January 2008 I was being a good little saver and saving up my pennies to buy a new car. My old car was getting pretty old (220,000 miles) but was still in acceptable condition. But then a friend was selling her car – a car I had always loved and envied. I thought about […]

159. Drive a bus

Updated May 19, 2009 I always thought it would be fun, driving down the street, making stops, picking people up, dropping people off. I’m sure the job has its share of trials and tribulations, and I don’t think I’d deal well with doing it full time for years on end, but it would be fun […]

130. Drive a Maserati

Updated February 7, 2010 Oh, I think I may have missed my chance by a hair. I knew someone who owned a Maserati, and while I rode in it once or twice, I never even asked if I could drive it – even half a block or just around the parking lot. I have to […]

44. Learn to drive a stick shift

Something that everyone ought to know how to do. Especially if you plan to rent a car in Europe.

12. Own a convertible, preferably a Mustang

Completed January 2008 Well, she’s no Mustang, but she sure is cute.