To Do

567. Wear flowers in my hair

Completed November 2004 Even with my hair in a short pixie cut, it looked good. Picture by McCabe.

565. Create my own fragrance

Attempted March 2003 I’d love to be able to put together a lovely scent with essential oils that people would love. I took an aromatherapy class and attempted to invent a scent. We made two in the class – one an oil to be used in a bath, and the other an oil to be […]

556. Take a Jell-O bath

Updated February 7, 2010 I suppose when I added this to the list I just thought it would be fun to sit in a pile of the wiggly smushy stuff and pretend to take a bath. It still might be kind of fun if I could come up with a way for the bath to […]

346. Get a facial

Completed January 2004 I had a luscious facial at Burke Williams Day Spa in Santa Monica. I say luscious because the aesthetician who gave me my facial used an organic cherry scrub to clean my face because I have sensitive skin. The whole room smelled like a bowl of fresh-picked cherries. The facial also included […]

218. Take a milk bath

I floated in a bubbly, wonderful-smelling tub of milk at Burke Williams Spa.

195. Witness a miracle

Completed over and over again. I held my tiny little newphew in my arms minutes after he was born. I saw a gigantic rainbow stretching across the state of Nebraska, touching the horizon at both ends. A good friend’s sister was in a car accident, fell down a flight of stairs, and was struck by […]

192. Get pierced somewhere besides my ears

I’d love to be really fit with a flat stomach and get my belly button pierced.

170. Consult a plastic surgeon

Updated July 4, 2009 When I was 16, I remember either watching some television program about people obsessed with plastic surgery or reading a magazine article about it. It haunted me for days, and I vowed to myself that I would never be vain enough to have plastic surgery. I remember thinking even then that […]

87. Hot-air balloon

Updated December 11, 2009 I have a little bit of a fear of heights, so I’m not sure how great I’d actually feel about standing in a basket while a giant balloon carried me up above the clouds. But I’d still like to give it a try. I think that hot-air ballooning sounds attractive because […]

84. Memorize my three favorite poems

I’ve got one almost memorized. Haven’t even decided on what the other two are yet.

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