To Do

585. Tour the Prado, the Louvre, the Hermitage, the Metropolitan and the Uffizi

Updated July 18, 2010 I think these are the most celebrated and famous museums in the world. But visiting them all will require quite a lot of globe trotting. The Museo de Prado is in Madrid, Spain. The Musée du Louvre is in Paris, France. The State Hermitage is in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Metropolitan […]

578. Have my home drawn in charcoal and framed

Updated April 4, 2010 When I finally own my very own home, I’m going to be so proud and I’ll be honored to hire an artist to create a sketch of my home. And I’ll keep it forever, a reminder of my first home.

566. Distinguish the difference between Ionic, Corinthian and Doric

Completed for the first time in Art Class, 1986 I remember learning this and answering exam questions, so I knew it by heart at one point. For my own memory: Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric are three styles of columns found in Greek architecture. Doric are the simplest ones, being topped off by a simple cap. […]

551. Be a painter’s model

Updated March 7, 2010 I kind of wished we still lived in the days when portraits had to be painted rather than photographed. It was a lot more fun to see the artist’s interpretation of a person than a camera shot that captured exactly what was already there. I could sit still posing for a […]

365. Find a masterpiece at a garage sale

I’ve never had much luck finding treasures at yard sales, thrift shops, and swap meets, but maybe if I keep trying.

331. Have my portrait done in oils

Updated April 13, 2009 A nice photo portrait is one thing, but sitting for a portrait old-fashioned style is something really special.

329. Get good at black and white photography

Updated February 28, 2010 Oh, I am afraid this might be one I never get to check off the list. I am such a dreadful photographer, how could I ever perfect the art of black and white photography? I suppose on the plus side, with the invention of digital cameras, photographer has become a significantly […]

282. Attend an art opening

Updated October 24, 2009 When I do attend an art opening, it will definitely be an opening by one of my artist friends. I have no interest in seeing and being seen at some opening for some artist I’ve never met. But to show up in support of a good friend, and buy some beautiful […]

164. Sketch the ocean on a deserted beach

Updated January 5, 2010 If I thought about it for a moment, I could probably tell you almost the exact date that I put this one on my list. I was drifting, feeling a little lost and wondering what on earth I wanted to do with my life when I spotted a posting on the […]