To Do

278. Hold a boa constrictor

Updated April 13, 2009 I am absolutely terrified of snakes, so I’ll have to be very brave to check this one off the list. Where does one even go to hold a boa constrictor?

255. Make a photo album or collage for someone

I made a photo album to memorialize our family dog, Max, who held a special place in our hearts.

248. Adopt a whale

Updated May 25, 2009 This was added to the list after I wrote a 25-page term paper on whales in 11th grade. Whales are powerful, graceful, amazing creatures – and perhaps one of the few things on Earth that create a genuine sense of wonder in even the most cynical human beings. There are plenty […]

229. Nurse a sick bird back to health

Completed July 2009 A sick little pigeon showed up on our doorstep one day. We gave him bread and water and he seemed to recover and we were ready to send him on his merry way. Except he wasn’t ready to go on his merry way. He hung around for days.  We finally thought that […]

180. Train a seeing-eye dog

Updated May 31, 2010 Service animals make me smile. When I see them helping someone on the street or on the bus, I just want to give them a big hug and thank them for their contribution. Of course, they’d never understand that, and I’d be interrupting them while they worked, so I restrain myself. […]

161. Ride a camel through the desert

When in Rome…when in the desert, ride a camel.

157. Watch kittens being born

Updated May 31, 2010 I love cats – I grew up in a household where we always had at least one cat. Daisy was one of my favorites. She was a stray cat my stepdad picked up and brought home. Even though Daisy was a family pet and not just mine, she and I had […]

133. Ride an elephant

Updated September 6, 2009 There aren’t many chances to ride elephants, but every once in awhile, I’ll come across an elephant at a fair or festival giving rides. Most recently, I saw one at a small fair in Los Angeles, but the only people in line were children, and I was entirely too self-conscious to […]

122. Build a birdhouse

I love to make things with my hands, and I’d like to put them to good use to make a good home for some birdies.

72. Use my dog to carry a secret note to someone on his collar

First I have to get a dog, a really smart dog.

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