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583. Pick an animal to be my mascot

Humans have always felt deep bonds between themselves and animals.

501. Watch beavers build a dam

Updated September 27, 2009 I have no idea what made me think I’d ever be lucky enough to happen upon a family of beavers happily building a dam. But I’m going to keep it on my to do list, because you never know – I might be lucky enough to time my hike just right […]

479. Watch an egg hatch

Updated August 17, 2009 How lucky must you be to happen to catch an egg in the moment when it’s hatching. I understand that some people were lucky enough to have had an egg incubator in an elementary school classroom, where the students watched over the eggs, and sometimes, had good enough timing to watch […]

450. See bighorn sheep in Estes Park in Colorado

Updated November 23, 2009 At one point in my life, I wanted to be a wildlife biologist, living my life outdoors chasing after herds of animals, and studying the habits of forest-dwelling creatures. I guess it comes as no surprise, then, that many of the things on this list have to do with seeing natural […]

363. Go whale-watching

Updated June 8, 2009 I’m lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, and just off the coast, there are oodles of boats waiting to take tourists out to see the gray whales as they migrate between their summer and winter homes in Mexico and Alaska. All I have to do is make a reservation and […]

328. Keep an aquarium

Completed February 2010 A friend of a friend gifted me with a saltwater aquarium that he no longer had room for after a move, and it’s become a real obsession. I’ve got a few different kinds of coral, snails, shrimp, clams, mussels, a small lobster, a damsel fish, a clown fish, and another weird sand-eating […]

325. Listen to whales

Updated July 13, 2009 I don’t suppose we’ll ever know what messages whales are sharing with one another when they sing their eerie and beautiful songs. But just because I don’t speak the language doesn’t mean I can’t eavesdrop on the message. What does one whale have to say to another? The location of a […]

293. Learn some birdcalls

Updated January 5, 2010 One year for Christmas, my mom’s boss gave her a little birdwatching kit – there was a birdhouse, some birdseed, a field guide to birds and a little pair of binoculars. She brushed it off as a minimum effort on his part since his brother owned a store that sold all […]

285. Go fishing

Neverminded February 13, 2010 Why on earth I ever wanted to go fishing, I’ll never know. Was I perhaps dating a boyfriend who was really into fishing, and I wanted to try it? I’ll get my fish from the fish market, thank you. And enjoy every toil-free bite.

283. Take a four-year-old to the zoo

Updated February 21, 2010 I put this on the list in high school when my family took a trip to the local zoo on a whim. I hadn’t been to the zoo since I was little, and I so much enjoyed walking around the zoo, looking at all the animals, and learning about them. As […]

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