To Do

144. Take a helicopter ride

I’d like to experience a beautiful place from the air.

133. Ride an elephant

Updated September 6, 2009 There aren’t many chances to ride elephants, but every once in awhile, I’ll come across an elephant at a fair or festival giving rides. Most recently, I saw one at a small fair in Los Angeles, but the only people in line were children, and I was entirely too self-conscious to […]

117. Stomp grapes in Tuscany

May 11, 2009 Yes, I am a fan of ‘I Love Lucy’. Why do you ask? Once upon a time, wanting to learn more about wine, I rented a wine course from Netflix. It had many DVDs each covering a specific varietal of wine, explaining where it came from, what its characteristics were, and what […]

92. Ride a train across the United States

Sure, it would take a long time, but it’s a great way to see the sights and understand the way travel used to be.

87. Hot-air balloon

Updated December 11, 2009 I have a little bit of a fear of heights, so I’m not sure how great I’d actually feel about standing in a basket while a giant balloon carried me up above the clouds. But I’d still like to give it a try. I think that hot-air ballooning sounds attractive because […]

79. Bungee-jump off a bridge

Moved to the nevermind list June 2008. This might be a little too scary for me. I was a lot more attracted to bungee-jumping when it was brand new and even though lots of people had done it, nobody had yet been hurt or killed. As non-sensical as it sounds, it seemed safer when nobody’d […]

37. Hang-glide

Updated August 11, 2009 I don’t typically think of myself as someone who is afraid of heights. I’m not, for example, someone who gets nervous on the first step of a step ladder. But I am nervous at any height where a fall could result in bodily injury or death – that’s just good sense. […]

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