To Do

560. Walk over hot coals

I have sensitive skin and I’ve burned my feet walking across the beach, so I don’t think I’ll try this one after all.

549. Rappel

Fear of heights + being clumsy = bad idea to try rappelling.

499. Fly in the Goodyear blimp

Updated April 30, 2009 According to the Goodyear Blimp web site, the only way to get on board is to be invited by the company or win some sort of charity auction. I wonder what you’d have to do to get Goodyear to invite you…buy a lot of tires?

498. Try acupuncture

Updated June 22, 2009 From the outside, acupuncture seems counter-intuitive. Somehow, poking needles into your skin, something that we know from experience hurts, heals the body, relieves pain, and has all sorts of wellness benefits. Naturally, a part of me is afraid to try it. But the other part of me is curious. There is […]

437. Go down in a submarine

Updated June 27, 2009 The closest I’ve come to going beneath the ocean’s surface is when I was visiting Catalina Island. There are usually submarine tours available, but of course, when I visited, the submarine was out of commission for some reason. I was disappointed, but was still able to snag a seat on a […]

383. Call a psychic hotline

Updated April 19, 2009 While interviewing employees for a sales associate position at a music store, I interviewed a young woman whose previous job had been working as a telephone psychic. She wasn’t very eager to share her experiences in that job, but I got the feeling that the job required a lot more skill […]

302. Fly upside-down

Updated April 13, 2009 I have to find someone with one of those amazing little planes that can do tricks like flying upside down and get the pilot to give me a ride.

285. Go fishing

Neverminded February 13, 2010 Why on earth I ever wanted to go fishing, I’ll never know. Was I perhaps dating a boyfriend who was really into fishing, and I wanted to try it? I’ll get my fish from the fish market, thank you. And enjoy every toil-free bite.

210. Conduct a symphony orchestra

Updated February 8, 2009 I was a band geek in high school. The thing you don’t realize if you yourself weren’t a band geek, is the appreciation of music that is instilled in you. You realize and appreciate how talented musicians are when you hear them play a difficult piece of music well. I’d just […]

159. Drive a bus

Updated May 19, 2009 I always thought it would be fun, driving down the street, making stops, picking people up, dropping people off. I’m sure the job has its share of trials and tribulations, and I don’t think I’d deal well with doing it full time for years on end, but it would be fun […]

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