To Do

559. Go to an open casting call

Updated June 20, 2010 I really don’t have much of a desire to be on television or up on stage in a play, but it would still be fun to go to an open casting call and try out. Of course, I’d never in a million years get the part, and I’d probably get kicked […]

380. Get a bit part in a TV show

Updated January 17, 2010 Maybe I don’t really want to get involved with fighting for little bit parts with all the thousands who are striving to be discovered as professional actors, but it sure would be fun and interesting to just go and spend a day on the set to see how TV shows get […]

243. Be in a Snapple ad

Updated June 13, 2010 Well, I guess it’s kind of obvious that this goal is a little dated. Snapple used to be really cool. I used to have a Snapple almost everyday – the pink lemonade was my favorite, and Snapple had a really cool and fun advertising campaign going. That was before the internet […]

224. Do a voice-over

Not to make money, just to have fun.

125. Dress up like Santa and really get into it

Updated July 27, 2009 Yes, I know I’m a girl, but it’s not like anything but your eyes show when you’re dressed up like Santa, and I can stuff enough pillows in the outfit to hide any girly body shape. Yeah, my throat might get a little bit sore from faking a deep male voice, […]

52. Take an acting class

Updated October 4, 2009 My university offered a minor in oral story telling – I didn’t complete it, but I did give a few of the classes a try. They were pretty fun. One of my favorites was Reader’s Theater – where you’re basically reading a story to the audience, but you’re allowed to use […]